5 Easy Ways To Minimize Stress At Work

Our physical bodies are meant to change constantly rather than be in one position for too long. Since many different internal processes continue as we working, changing body positions helps to keep our systems functioning optimally. One of the easiest ways to minimize stress at work is the ability to stop for a moment, move to a different body position like standing if you were sitting or sitting upright if you were in hunched over position, and stretching arms and legs out while taking a nice big yawn with deep breaths will instantly give you a refreshed feeling with relaxation.


5 Best Ways to Control Anger

Often times when we get angry, some of us bottle it up inside, some of us lash out at others around us whether verbally or physically, some of us clock out from the situation, and some of us channel it into something specific. They are many ways that people can deal with anger yet most of us react rather than respond. When a person reacts, it’s instant.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help Quit Smoking Easily and Naturally

You have finally decided that you are ready to quit smoking. You’ve made the decision to help yourself and you know for sure that you definitely want to quit for good. It seems so easy to stick a patch on your arm, or take a pill, and BOOM no more cravings to smoke. That sounds […]


Fighting Sexual Assault With Hypnotherapy

Many times the victim ends up blaming themselves for the sexual assault and the shame that takes hold of them so deeply prevents them from revealing the truth. So many factors play a role in victims not reporting it to anyone. For example, if the perpetrator was a family member like an uncle, brother, dad, […]


Transform Depressed Feelings with Hypnotherapy

Do you know that just about everyone has been depressed at some point in their lives? Whether it’s a traumatic event, emotional stress of some sort, or just a change in environment that had a negative impact, and so many other situations, when feelings associated with these situations are not felt and expressed, this can lead to what we know today as depression.


What is Hypnosis?

I am choosing not to use the word “relaxation” to describe hypnosis because one is not always aware of being relaxed during the state of hypnosis. Think of a time when you were so absorbed into a video game, a movie, a story, a book, or a theater production that you temporarily forgot your surroundings for a while.