Hypnosis For Anxiety & Depression

Often found walking hand-in-hand with depression, anxiety sometimes tends to lead the way. While anxiety and depression are now clinically diagnosed conditions, the feelings associated – depressed feelings and anxious feelings – are actually not emotions, yet prevents a person from feeling the true emotions within.

Eliminate Anxious Feelings through Hypnosis

Emotion has to be followed by action in the form of expression. If one is not expressing, whether being scared to express or not given the opportunity to express, anxious feelings may emerge. For example, one feeling the emotion of anger may become scared of feeling the physical and mental aspects that related with anger. This person may not like to see themselves when they are angry. Perhaps this person did not like that he or someone that he witnessed was yelling or lashing out in what he considered as “inappropriate” ways. Think of a child covering his ears, closing his eyes, and huddling up in fetal position because the yelling was too much for him to handle.

In this case, being scared of feeling the feelings of any “negative” emotion such as hurt and sadness, and thinking that it’s not okay to feel these emotions brings about anxious feelings. Anxiety or anxious feelings is one of the most common issues affecting most Americans, and yet it is one of the least understood of issues on a deeper level. Hypnotherapy for anxiety identifies and uncovers the deeper conflict of wanting to feel the emotions yet feeling that it’s not okay to feel the actual emotions and desires.

Anxiety Arises Out Of The Thoughts

One may argue that anxiety is a real emotion because one can feel the panic attacks and other heightened physical symptoms associated with anxiety. However, when one is using the mind to control the emotions from showing so much, the emotion has no outlet so the body creates the physical response in the form of panic attacks, etc. One can literally think themselves into a panic attack. Therefore, anxiety arises out of the thoughts. Using the mind to control the fear of having a panic attack creates anxious feelings or anxiety.

The subconscious mind tends to relive experiences over and over, and sometimes it’s scared to go through the emotions of the negative experiences again, feeling that the negative experience may happen again in the future. Most of us are programmed to suppress the negatives, deny it, or try not to feel it which causes the anxious feelings in anxiety because we innately know that as human beings, we are made to feel.

Embrace All Of Your Feelings Through Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for anxiety and anxiousness works to help you get in touch with your feelings in a way that’s safe and appropriate for you. We also work to help transform the beliefs associated with anxiety and we help you with the issue of control so that you can become more aware of your true emotions.

Some of us feel numb emotionally because we are controlling the feelings from emerging. Feeling so scared to deal with what’s beneath this numb state makes us control even other aspects of our lives surrounding it. Some of us feel that anything and everything can trigger those emotions. These triggers have you crying for anything or lashing out for any little thing in life. With this, it’s like a barrel full of emotions and anything more happening in life makes that barrel easily overflow, hence triggering the emotional responses.. Either way, hypnotherapy for anxiety and anxious feelings can help you to embrace all of your feelings, helping you to develop the skills and abilities to deal with your own feelings and transform them in a more healthy way.

Whether it’s social anxiety, test anxiety, anxiety related to a job or personal life, for any type of anxiety, Renukha Arjoon at Healthy Living Hypnosis can help you!