Manage Pain Effectively Through Hypnosis

Physical pain, including the characteristics of physical pain, is different and unique to each and every one of us. Using various descriptive words like stabbing pain, dull ache, burning pain, screaming pain, etc. we all think differently and therefore perceive physical pain differently. My perception of pain may not be the same as your perception of pain. The way the mind perceives pain directly influences the way you feel pain physically. This means that you are the only one that can truly measure your pain. Your most extreme pain may be mild to someone else if they were able to feel your pain. Because of this, only you can know your threshold for pain. Hypnosis to relieve pain can definitely help to decrease the intensity of the physical pain that you feel and the duration of the physical pain as well.

Often times when we experience physical pain, we seek the help of healthcare professionals to help us alleviate it. Sometimes these healthcare professionals can unknowingly influence your physical pain simply by giving their opinion of it. Because many of us have the tendency to believe a healthcare professional, their opinion of your pain may directly influence your mind, thus influencing the quality of your pain physically.

For example, if you are told by the professional that you will always feel that kind of pain because of your particular condition, your mind processes this information and changes the way in which it interprets your pain. This may actually result in you feeling more pain than you felt prior to the professional’s opinion. Though physical pain serves to warn us that something isn’t right within the mind and body, it can be controlled using the power of the mind with Hypnosis for pain relief.

Controlling Physical Pain

Various methods to control, reduce, and sometimes eliminate physical pain are applied using hypnosis to relieve pain. I introduce and show you various proven techniques that work for you to take control of your physical pain. During your hypnotherapy session, we discuss the qualities associated with your physical pain and then help you to decrease them so function comfortably in your life. While you are controlling the pain, it becomes more manageable for you to function in between doctor visits. Once the pain is at a level at which you manage effectively, we work to eliminate the underlying cause of your physical condition as long as you are cleared by a healthcare practitioner to receive such care. The underlying cause may not even be associated with the physical pain that you experience, yet many times it can completely eliminate the physical pain.

A physical’s referral or prescription is necessary to treat any diagnosed physical condition including elimination of that physical condition. Physical conditions from fibromyalgia to pregnancy pains can be relieved and possibly eliminated from using hypnosis for pain relief. Other examples that have been used to relieve pain through hypnosis include phantom limb pain, cancer pain, arthritis, back pain, menstrual pain, and feet pain.

Whether your pain is acute or chronic, Renukha at Healthy Living Hypnosis can help you to take charge of it. If you are not sure about your specific pain relief using Hypnotherapy, please contact Renukha to discuss.

Please note: A physician referral is required before initiating work on diagnosed conditions. Working in close cooperation with your medical team ensures your progress in an optimal manner.