Addressing Spiritual Health with Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy-like practices were used in ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Persia, Britain, Scandinavia, America, Africa, India and China. The Bible, Talmud, and Hindu Vedas mention hypnotherapy, and some Native American and African ceremonies include trance states similar to hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy in the Western world. It may also be the most misunderstood, given its association with entertainers and charlatans. But, in fact it is a specialized guided form of meditation and a relaxation technique. Regardless of religion, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy uses deep hypnosis to access the higher states of awareness. It goes beyond the ego self to access the soul self, the spirit self in order to gain understanding and become closer to its true reality that is the divinity within.

The use of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy helps to free the soul from the bond of karma. It helps answer questions like Who Am I or Why Am I here. Through my extensive training in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, I find that it provides powerful healing for body, mind, and spirit. It is incredibly rewarding to help you to achieve the next step in your evolution.

Here are a few common uses of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy:

      • Past Life Regression
      • Find Your Earthly Purpose
      • Future Life Progression
      • Spiritual Guidance from Higher Beings
      • Lives Between Lives Regression
      • Resolve Karmic Patterns
      • Connect with deceased loved ones
      • Develop Intuitive Abilities
      • Astral Projection (Out of Body Experiences)
      • Release unwanted Spirit Attachments or Influences
      • Dream Interpretation
      • Meditation and Samadhi states of Meditation

Choosing Hypnosis with Renukha Arjoon, CHt. gives you a safe and supportive environment to fully express your spiritual emotions without judgment, shame, or guilt, and together we will compassionately help you to move forward and lead the life towards a Better Spiritual Well-Being.