Transform Depressed Feelings with Hypnotherapy

Do you know that just about everyone has been depressed at some point in their lives? Whether it’s a traumatic event, emotional stress of some sort, or just a change in environment that had a negative impact, and so many other situations, when feelings associated with these situations are not felt and expressed, this can lead to what we know today as depression.

Exactly what is depression?

Depression itself is not an emotion even though depressed means to be sad. Rather, it’s a condition used to describe the suppression of emotions. Feelings are depressed or suppressed which is like bottling up of all the negative or unwanted emotions. This happens on a deeper level within the mind and often times we are not aware that we are suppressing our emotions. Suppressing the emotions means turning those feelings inwards into ourselves rather than expressing them and allowing them to be free. Hypnotherapy for depression or depressed feelings can help the emotions to be free to express their energy.

hypnosis-for-depressionBut what causes depression?

Though there are many studies about this, including chemical changes within the body of those that are diagnosed with depression, let’s explore it on an emotional level.

E-motion is energy in motion. When that energy is not allowed to be expressed, it gets stuck in the body, which would then affect the chemical change in the body. When the emotions are held inside and remain unresolved, this leads to depression, or depressed feelings. Since the subconscious mind is in charge of the autonomic system and the emotions in the body, the emotions are directly related to the chemical changes in the physical body.


Where does it come from?

Think about a child who is uncomfortable in a situation. From birth, that child cried when feeling hurt, sad, scared, etc. If at some point that child is told, “Don’t Cry” the child may start to think that it’s not okay to cry. Since no alternative to “Don’t Cry” was provided for the child, that child has no idea how to deal with these kinds of emotions. The child may then stop crying and decide that it’s not okay to cry, and therefore think that it’s not okay to feel any of these unwanted emotions. The energy of these feelings are not flowing in motion so they become blocked. The child may grow up feeling like this and since no one teaches that child what to do with the emotions, they remain suppressed. Using hypnotherapy for depression or depressed feelings is so successful because we get to cause of these feelings that have been bottled up for years.

How does Hypnotherapy really help depression or depressed feelings?

Every emotion affects us physically whether we are aware of the feeling or not. Joy can be felt within our bodies. Peace can be felt within our bodies. Anger can be felt within our bodies. Fear can be felt within our bodies. All of our emotions are felt within our bodies. Hypnotherapy for depression or depressed feelings helps to heal and express these emotions in a way that’s comfortable and healthy. We also go deeper to transform the thoughts within the mind that are causing the emotions.

Exploring and healing the root cause of the feelings that are brought to consciousness is why Hypnotherapy has been recognized as one of the fastest and most effective natural ways to help resolve depression or depressed feelings.

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Renukha helps you to clear the blocks to feeling that joy and peace that’s already inside of you so you can have that energy and the drive to open up the passion inside of you for life and the expressions in life wholeheartedly.

Make that call today to help your heart to open up to the joy within.


What is Hypnosis?

I am choosing not to use the word “relaxation” to describe hypnosis because one is not always aware of being relaxed during the state of hypnosis. Think of a time when you were so absorbed into a video game, a movie, a story, a book, or a theater production that you temporarily forgot your surroundings for a while.

This is an example of hypnosis. Also, think of a time when you were driving as your mind raced along in thoughts and you arrived at your destination only to question yourself on how you got there so quickly. In these examples you were so engrossed within your thoughts that you were experiencing the hypnotic state, yet not so relaxed that your body and mind was aware of that relaxation. Therefore, hypnosis is a natural state of being absorbed into trance whereby the conscious mind is relaxed enough to give access to the subconscious mind to communicate effectively with you.

You are aware of what is happening with you. In fact, you are more aware in the state of hypnosis than you are during your regular waking conscious state. This is because your subconscious mind has the ability to take in massive amounts of data. While there are currently no accurate data in terms of numbers for the mind, according to research, the subconscious mind can take in what is equivalent to over 20 million bits of information per second versus the ability of the conscious mind that takes in only 40 bits of information per second. Regardless of the exact number of information the subconscious mind can process at once, it’s as if it can be equal to 12 supercomputers versus the 1 supercomputer equivalent of the conscious mind. So imagine the immense potential you have within you just by entering into the state of hypnosis!

How does it feel to be in hypnosis?

During the hypnotic state you may notice different sensations in your body. These sensations may be one or many of the following:

  • heaviness of the arms and legs
  • tingling in the hands and/or the feet
  • a feeling of sinking into relaxation
  • a feeling of lightness in the body and/or the mind
  • clear mind with fewer thoughts than normal
  • vibrations in the head and/or different body parts as you relax
  • a sensation of floating
  • a totally blankness of the mind at various times

The wide range of feelings and sensations can go beyond this list, however it gives you an idea of what you can experience simply by being in hypnosis. Also, while in hypnosis, you may notice that you are hearing my voice at certain times, and then you are not hearing my voice at various times because your mind just relaxes you that much deeper into your hypnotic state.

In hypnosis, you may hear my voice at the highest point of the curve in the diagram and my voice can fade “into the distance” when you are drifting deeper into hypnosis at the bottom of the curve. Just like the curves in the diagram, you can go in and out of hearing my voice until you are brought out of the hypnotic state completely.

In this example of hypnosis, you are aware of hearing my voice at the beginning, then my voice fades until we come closer toward the end of the session where you hear my voice again as you come back to being in the full conscious state, out of the hypnotic state.

Want to be hypnotized now?

Well, you’re in luck! Using the natural power of hypnosis, not only do I help you to effectively reach your goals but I also help you to attain a healthy lifestyle according to your own desires and choices as well. So make that call now to me, Renukha, at Healthy Living Hypnosis to help you get attuned with yourself even more.